Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

I enjoyed this! I was a bit frustrated when I was a master, creating realism masterpieces every time, with 100,000$ in the bank, and drinking and chatting, but every friend kept trying to teach me "undefined artworks", which I'd accept, and then nothing... stuck making historical inks on paper... Pretty boring. Anyways! I know this is alpha version; keep an eye out for that bug! Felt pretty anti-climactic.

i don't know if its the music, or the game, or both (it's the game) but this is......... beautiful :')

The fact that my realist bronze work titled ´Le Petit Dick´ became a masterpiece and won a Gold Medal is priceless :P I give you 5 stars for this great work!

got 10 skill in ever one won ten or more golden meals everyones my friend and also I`m already bored like the music though.ps add some drama plz

An excellent game! Loved the background art and the music. It kept me playing until the very end. I just wish it kept going. Or maybe make a version that focuses on American artists.