Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

This game made me feel good.

Seriously, what an amazing game, i enjoyed it very, very much, and i really look forward to seeing the completed game, i really have no suggestions, you made this great game and i am sure, whatever you have planned for the finished product will not dissapoint, Thank you for sharing this marvelous creation!

Very nice! please finish this game! I actually enjoyed it and the music is good.
My masterpiece BRONZE NUDES. :)

Very nice game! Creative, well thought out.

Its a very good game, but maybe you could add a "save game" option? So you can continue where you left.

Let me be clear. I'm not an art fan, and I *hate* sim/rpgs.
I CANNOT TEAR MYSELF AWAY FROM THIS GAME! IT is SO good! The choice of music, the aesthetic, and the thought that went into the options, experience and dynamic system are all brilliant.
I'm glad to hear this is an alpha--there were one or two--only one or two--things I felt needed polish (undefined artwork? Hmm?) and it felt slightly closed-ended. Still, I was drawn in and have been playing it until long after I should have shut my computer down. Very well done, I applaud you and hope the final product is all you hope for! I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation. God bless!