Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

This game is Awesome

But there is a big problem

To paint the lowest quality painting,you need 30 money,and except the 50 money gained from your friend,you cannot win money in any other way

So everything but realism is rejected, even if it is a masterpiece. But you make a realism masterpiece, and you win the gold. Sounds about right.

This game is a really interesting idea.

Just wanted to check this game out and found myself playing it for an hour. I'll add it to my favourits and hope that you'll finish the masterpiece soon.

This is the most original game I've ever played with.
Absolutely fantastic design, and perfect music.
However I suggest that you should expand the game, for example: I should buy my raw materials in a shop... and the right materials, with the right technique.. Because there are materials witch never work together well. (Oil paint + wall).
Wonderful game, thank you.