Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

This is a rather unique game. The backgrounds are incredibly professional, the way that they're made of a real scene, a layer of weather effects and foreground characters that when you move around make it seem like you're actually there. The dialog boxes are clean and stylish, as is the entire interface of the game. It's a unique idea for an RPG as well, and both the theme and the dialog brings me back a few centuries in time. It's really a surreal experience, and an impressive game. Great work!


5 stars

Original, informative, immersive

Great game! I love the unique style of the game. The music blends with the game's settings, so well. You should really add a save feature though.

Great and unique, I hope the final release has a clearer goal and challenge for the Artist, keep it up and good luck

In one hand, its so sad to know this will never be completed. In the other, even as it's now, it's one of the most unforgetable experiences I've had in this site, in the internet or in gaming as a whole. It sparked my interest for paint and music styles I wasn't even aware of at the time. Amazing learning tool.