Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

LOVELY! I had to put that in caps. 5/5 :)
Brilliant use of art history. The variety of paintings, the cafe and almost all of it was really fun.
For a game still under development, this was awesome! I hope in the final version is slightly more challenging, and a bit more complex. There were a few loose ends with the manifesto and the general non acceptance of other art forms. After a certain point you can win gold medals every year just by making the simplest type of painting one month before the awarding.
The storyline is quite promising, the game design is beautiful. I will wait for the final game.

Playing this game was a very unique expirience. The presentation of the game is simply astonishing. The idea is also great: combining the writer expirience into rpg. Unfortunately, the RPG aspect itself wasn't worked out too well. After a while, I was just acting like a painting conveyor, doing nothing but winning at competitions. Nevertheless, i've enjoyed the game. You made me to remeber all those beautiful authors, especially Monet. 9/10. 5/5.

My masterpiece: a impressionist nude on paper with pencil.

Splendid game all around! Soothing music and stylish choices for the art. My only problem is when I get 0 money, there's no way for me to gain anything back to continue, and thus I feel stuck with nowhere to go.

Great so far! If this game is really in alpha I'm excited to see where it will go from here.

My suggestion is more character interaction. When you have this many historical characters in one place, it's basically a given that you should interact with them.

Also, while it may be historically accurate, I have noticed that the salon rejects art based on what movement you pick. Realism has a high chance of getting accepted, but impressionism often gets rejected no matter how great it is. This may be historically accurate, but it's frustrating. You might want to implement a way to get a particular movement 'realized'.