Reviews for "Avant-Garde"

Really, really good game! But.. it needs some improvements, for example:
1)The background(for what concern paintings and,not always,music) has to be consistent with the year in the game; so with the contemporary trends and movements(for example, when the gamer discover the impressionism, the background could change with a Renoir painting).
2)Somehow this is connected with the first point. I had the feeling that some artistic movements where advantaged. And this could be historically correct for some reason (and only in certain contexts), but i would try to conceptually expand the contexts as the game goes on(like the art saloon, the cafè,ecc.), in order to make the game itself more coherent with the history of art and valorize every movement.
3)Implement the dialogues with the other artists.
This is what i would actually change. Keep up the good work!

Great so far! If this game is really in alpha I'm excited to see where it will go from here.

My suggestion is more character interaction. When you have this many historical characters in one place, it's basically a given that you should interact with them.

Also, while it may be historically accurate, I have noticed that the salon rejects art based on what movement you pick. Realism has a high chance of getting accepted, but impressionism often gets rejected no matter how great it is. This may be historically accurate, but it's frustrating. You might want to implement a way to get a particular movement 'realized'.

Although this game is far from excellent in gameplay, I have to say it is wonderfully compeling and addictive, not to mention the magnificent atmosphere. This is truly a very unique and original game. I have one question: What the hell is the salon's problem? They rejected my only masterpiece!!!

Absolutely loved this game! I usually never write a review but I loved this game so much I took the time to actually write one!!!! <3

I thought this game was very unique. I had a lot of fun with this game :)