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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

Too laggy and glitchy; I had to hold the mouse a long time to register a click, movement was very slow even with low graphics mode, and no, I'm not running an Aptiva. Presently it held my attention for 3 minutes. I like the attempt and I would play if there weren't these issues.

way to easy put most of your spell points in fireball and two into healing and i swear you do more DPS with that one spell than with any weapon so far beat it in like 30 minutes tops it was interesting to say the least did not even die until fighting the vampire lord and then it one did it once don' know why people keep saying its hard drop it down to low quality and well game runs alot smoother also might want to make some enemies run away when others get killed cause i mean hell walk away a little let ing them get closer with them all in a single row and then spaming fireball makes short work of them....

Well, for a professionally made flash game, it's bad. But it has been done with a lot of efforts and it could really get a lot from updates.
-Graphics are awful. (Is that a guy in a Disney rat costume?)
-Framerate is terrible too (must... use... sword ... to hit... villain... ngh!)
-The bow is really bad to use, and should be rethought, more in a fireball type of use.
Yet the game is extremely addictive in it's simplicity. I can't stop myself playing it.

Definitely an awesome game. I love how simple it is, and how it gives you that nostalgic Diablo feel. There are a few bugs here and there with getting stuck in the scenery, but usually if you just go to main menu, and then continue, it's fine. I'm giving it five stars and going back to exploring.

I bought Diablo 3 and spent a month grinding away for many days of crap items until I realized the problem. It wasn't fun. Blizzard took all the fun away and gave us an auction house.
This, is fun.