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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

I think it is engaging and fun but no side quests, my only complaint is that its all the main quest, add a few side things (an NPC telling you to kill a number of something for a piece of equipment for example) maybe a shop or a way to enhance equipment (transfer powers or strengthen the defensive rating and enchantments) and it will be spectacular, also, fireball makes the game a bit too easy if you just pick it and healing, might want to pad the spell or limit the number it hits to five people or so or something, I won half the boss battles by walking slowly in a circle to get them following me then repeatedly pressing 1 at them. while it was still fun the tactic made things way too simple. much more fun (but time consuming) to use archery or bash them.

Fun enough. Tablet-friendly(ish) interface is a plus.

Runs very slow on my atom N450 chip... I suspect the graphics, which must be nice at full-size, get auto-rescaled & composited before _each_ frame of the animation. All animations should be pre-computed and cashed... or lower quality graphics be an option.

Would be nice if we could convert loot carried out into points, relative to power of the objects we choose not to discard.

Nice try, worth expanding on.

Overall Review: This was a really fun game overall. It had its up and downs, stated below, but overall this game was fair enough to deserve a rating.
Graphics: 5.5/10
Graphics seemed rushed, wasn't sure if they were intended to be poor to bring a retro role play effect. Kind of looked like one of those cheap online chess games.
Gameplay: 8/10
This game had very fun gameplay. The problem was it was one of those games that that made you feel like you were doing something and all you were doing was clicking a few buttons over and over again. I enjoyed the gameplay, but try to make it less like you're just clicking and all that matters is what you do before the combat, not during it.
Audio: N/A
Appeal: 7/10
It kept me entertained for 35 minutes before I was finished, because honestly who wants to keep running a few dungeons over and over again? No one. I really wish there was a boss of all 4 elements at the end to provide a final challenge just to wrap the game up instead of a game re-exploration to conclude the game.
Overall Review: 6.8
This game gets a 6.8 overall. It was like "My mind is just blown, make a part 2" good, however I would certainly play the second part if I saw it on the cover of newgrounds like I did with this one. However, I would not frequently check every time i visited Newgrounds for a part 2 like I did with games such as Epic Battle Fantasy. The game was reasonable and presentable, certainly deserving of being on the Newgrounds cover page, but assuming 5 is the average uploaded game, 6.8 seems a fair grade. Add in some graphics, less "click click click win" gameplay, and more real time action and you can easily turn this from a 6.8 to a 9-10.

Fist I feel like I can't write a total review because my speakers aren't working... but here we go.

I enjoyed playing it, but had some problems along the way.
1. when the monster drop loot and I was standing on it I couldn't pick it up.
2. I was standing around looking at my inventory when my person would start to run around for no reason. I let go of my mouse and just watched him run around in circles for awhile thinking it was funny then. then it happened when I was fighting monsters.
3. Fire bolt. I could run through the game without swing my weapon because I just used fire bolt half the time. but when saw fire trolls thingies I thought @$&^ Fire bolt isn't going to work on them... but still it killed them....... How? I ask can I kill something with fire it is made of fire.
4. besides that fun time to kill time and thought you did a good job on the game still. I give it a 3.5 because my speakers aren't working. which isn't your fault just that I don't won't to give high because of a half review.

I really enjoyed running through dungeons non stop spamming lightning bolts. Great game come out with another