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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

slow movement

Not a bad game but a few fatal flaws. First off, clicking on an area on the map will bring me to where I want to go, but the placement of certain chests forced me to go down a floor before reaching them and afterwards I wasn't able to go back and explore the rest of the level. As an explorer in my games, thats a fatal flaw, one that needs to be fixed.

Well this was an addicting game. The overall layout is great fun, and the randomly generated level layouts, upgrades, etc work well, it's a game you can keep playing eternally, venturing deeper and deeper into the dungeons. There's plenty of enemies, plenty of upgrades, and plenty of rewards in leveling up, not just in medals but in points you get to distribute. It would've been nice with a shopping system where you could sell equipment instead of just discarding it, and maybe buy/upgrade/repair special items as well, maybe even save up money for special potions that increase stats and give you points. After you've reached a certain level, there seems to be a surplus of weapons, and it gets pretty easy to defeat large hordes of monsters. They don't really keep up with your upgrades, which is good, since that's a rewarding part of growing stronger, but it would be good to have some more purpose in the items. Otherwise, musically, graphically, atmospherically, this was great! It's amazing how much time fan fit in a flash game like this. Keep it up!


fun but very easy. everything is a pushover once you get lightning

I like the game play,but it is lacking a few things,1. It needs a save storage,I was playing and all of a sudden the game glitched and stopped,when I refreshed my browser the game was back at the beginning,really disappointing .2. It needs a shop and a way to pick up money and trading system.The graphics are ok,but could be better.3.I have been fighting an enemy and was standing directly in front of it and got killed because the attack wouldn't work.4.Please if you do make a sequel make it to where the enemys don't swarm and attack all at once,it really is annoying when 8 to ten are all on you at once and you cant move.I do like the game but it does need some work.I look forward to playing an updated version or sequel.