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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

Very cool game. I sat and played for like 2 or 3 hours.

-Vit is too automatic. If it was my game I'd remove the choice to add points to it,
or I'd make HP grow much more slowly per level up. Right now, no reason to add anything to VIT
-Inventory won't open after combat unless you're moving. Standing still = no inventory open
-Lightning spell, from a practical standpoint, is the only useful spell in the game.
Way too easy to spam Lightning and just walk through everything. Make other spells more useful
or nerf lightning. Preferably make the other spells better ;)
-Bows need to drop a lot more if people are expected to spec into bows.
I found 2 in the entire game by level 25. And they sucked.
-Maybe remove a less useful spell (Fire circle / Ice bolt / one of the arrow spells)
and add a spell based on your melee damage (rather than off int and mana).
Some sort of AOE increased by your overall melee dmg. A fire spell or arcane / lightning based tornado / spinning attack maybe?
-Resistances are not necessary, I found. Maybe I just stacked so much def that enemies were harmless. But I definitely didn't need resists. I had 0/8/0/0

Overall REALLY great game. Good job, I like it. Creative, has a real old-school dungeon crawler style.
Love it. Got boring after the 2nd clear through though.

That said, I'm going to try a melee only build now ;)
See! It's F'ing addictive. Good job.

Very well made. Incredibly entertaining for a flash game.
The only thing I could think to suggest is character customization.

Great game, but at level 30 it's kinda pointless

It's like playing Diablo if Diablo was designed by lazy people in the mid 90s.

Wow. Very solid work. This is like a simpler Diablo. There are, of course, tons of ways to improve in terms of storyline and features, but you are on the right way with this work. Really good, congratulations!