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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

10 time better than Diablo 3.

By far one of the most entertaining and "Just for the sake of fun" games I've played on newgrounds to date.

Things I Love about this game:
the overpowered percentage based siphon hp/mana stats.
that you can move while using fireball in the direction of the mouse cursor.
the fact this games goal is focused on the fun. Nuking mass quantities of enemies is very enjoyable.
the fireball spell, it penetrates crowds of enemies and has little down time.
the bows auto attack for siphoning hp/mana and that it doesn't pause if you cast a spell.

Only 1 down side and a bug to report and why it occurs plus a response to slowdown comments.

Tremor games logo in the northeast of the screen. Wish there was room off to the side out of the games interface to fit your logo... or somewhere you wouldn't click out of instinct to move. I understand it gives revenue for each visit but its "foulplay" in terms of the respect between player & author. I ended up making 3 unwanted visits to the site in 1 sitting.

First boss room with the resurrecting skeleton boss, if you end up killing 20+ enemies causing a shit ton of loot to appear and you "Loot" the loot after everything is dead you will be teleported to a 2x2 square floating in the northwest corner of the map. The cause involves the number of corpses/enemies killed and is triggered by looting. To avoid being teleported just don't loot more than 2 items (avoid looting all together if 50+ enemies were killed).
On the brightside to this glitch, you can refresh the browser once your stuck and farm all the enemies again for quick leveling.

Slowdown - Not a bug:
The game begins to slows down when 5+ enemies are on the screen. It's expected and bearable. The games engine can only handle so much. 1.0 frame rate when 60 enemies are on the screen ^_^.

I loved this game because of its focus on fun over Diablo 3's concept of 10^40 chance of loot for profit/betterment, an unrewarding/demoralizing grind and a terribly unenjoyable experience due to its goals.

This game gets a 10/10 cause the faults didn't kill the experience and it has the option to be used for the players benefit or avoided all together.

wellllll some reason i ended up in a square and now theres no getting out of it so that could be fixed. ummmm i would like the idea of a shop. it was too easy to die early out. its fun and i like it. i had a little problem with using the bow whenever i wanted to shoot i instead got right in the creatures face so maybe a shift button to keep still while shooting??? also maybe if you could make it to where you can put the spells you want to on the spell bar. personally whenever i saw this i was thinking oh man cool i might be able to choose a class but i liked how you incorporated you can pretty much make your own class. I know that I am writing a lot but I would love to be able to play a better version. and maybe just a simple way to change colors of the cape and what not. great work though i can tell you guys put a lot of effort into it.

Bugs. Not really much entretaining. Needs a remake.

pretty good, but I'll stick with FATE.

The key bindings didn't work and the character died way to easily for starting out. Also the archers seem to have an obnoxious fire rate. Don't get me wrong this has potential, but at the moment it is just bad.