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Reviews for "The Forgotten Dungeon"

The game feels wrong. Animation speed is slow, the graphics are really bad, and the story makes no sense.

Started off very nice. I got to 2nd level and after I'd killed all the skeletons and moved on to the reaper I was suddenly teleported to the top left part of the map (or atleast it looked that way on the minimap), and I was stuck on a 4x4 tile room (I say room, but there weren't any walls).

gameplay was decent, but at the beginning of the second level i somehow wound up on another map that was only 4 squares, and was stuck.

This is not really my type of game, but I gave it a chance while under submission. It grew on me. Forget these folks who want graphics galore on NG. Then they'll complain about loading time. I liked for that you had an easy to use mute button, although the music was decent and congruent with the game and the sound effects. The game seems to autosave. I did experience some flash crash issues, but that happens everywhere with flash. When I refreshed, I hadn't lost any of my experience or items; just having to restart the level. I say this, because I got carried away in the aftergame, with the random levels of dungeons. It's ;like they say that the afterparty is better than the original party.

I like that I have no apparent limit on how I can build up my player. The strategy element allows me to play a type of game that I ordinarily don't care for. I survived early but attacking and running to sucker in less enemies to deal with at a time. I'm writing a lot of this, because it's a sleeper of a game. It follows the axiom of not judging a book by its cover. I hope my review will encourage others who might not ordinarily give this game a real try, especially with some of the pans (Hey! They're entitled to their opinions. I just think that they're a bit harsh with a free game.). Cheers!

I admit that this game was fairly unique. It just didn't do much for me because it was weird to understand. The graphics were pretty weird, especially with how you just had the same slashing motions with your sword. There were half a dozen enemies that attacked me at once and I could only fight one at once! The sound was at least decent. It just looked a bit too cartoonish.

I guess this did take some creativity. I am pretty bad at this game, as I couldn't save the first guy I met. I only managed to open one chest. It was weird how complicated it turned out to be. I got a chuckle when I saw the giant rats. Those should be easier to kill than the skeletons.