Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

my brain hurts... in a good way? @-@

The level design is incredible. Some of the best thought out levels I've had the privilege of puzzling out. Those last few grapefruit were particularly tough and satisfying.

The backstory imho felt unnecessary.

Also, man, the music. If you want some good music for your games, just contact me. I could whip up something for you. :)

You should make this a app if you can of course.

Original and some levels were challenging but not impossible. Great play overall.

this kinda reminds me of slender

JonBro responds:

Huh! That's an interesting comparison. I'm not a big fan of Slender, but I can admit to being inspired by the concept of it. I just didn't think any of my inspiration came through in this game. That gives me things to think about.