Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

this kinda reminds me of slender

JonBro responds:

Huh! That's an interesting comparison. I'm not a big fan of Slender, but I can admit to being inspired by the concept of it. I just didn't think any of my inspiration came through in this game. That gives me things to think about.

:3 It is fun try it :3

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reminds me of portal and
a game where you alternate between red and blue
good story telling method
you could sell this for $1 a piece on steam

Moving left and right is fine. Sometimes jumping doesn't register (So, you press the jump button but occasionally nothing happens). I think that's what the other guy meant. Also it doesn't matter if I use A or Up arrow for jump -- still the occasional non-register. When flying around, Up always registered but sometimes when jumping either A or Up (didn't matter which) wouldn't register.

Also, I think the time attack is dependent on CPU and/or RAM. Basically the clock consistently counts down at a steady pace but the more laggy your game is (slower CPU or less RAM) the more time it takes to complete the same levels that would take less time on a faster CPU/more RAM machine. The way to fix this is to code in a speed test at the very beginning and to adjust the timer based on the difference between the speed/lag of the player's computer and the speed of what the game was designed for.

I didn't see any way to reduce the quality (helpful for laggier machines). Such functionality is highly desired and is usually tied to the Q button (with Esc button being the "Return to Menu" button). In your game Q is "Return to Menu" and I see no options (even right-clicking) for reducing quality. Also, typically P is "Pause". I don't think this game had a Pause. You did get M for "Mute" though.

This is an excellent game and I love these kinds of games. I hope you continue to put out games like this under your Jonochrome moniker.

JonBro responds:

I don't really know what the deal is with the keys not registering all the time, but I'm hoping to get that sorted out in later projects of mine. The time attack isn't dependent on CPU or RAM because the timer is based on frames. The quality is automatically reduced to the lowest setting--I'll work on better optimization in the future so that my games run faster on more computers.

Thanks for the review, NeonSpider. Here's hoping I make things that work more consistently than this game does :P

This, while an admittedly difficult game, was a really good play and I thought it was a fantastic idad. I would have liked better jump physics and maneuverability, but... well.

JonBro responds:

Hm... I feel like the jump physics and maneuverability are close to perfect, personally, but I think I must have programmed the game where moving left and right doesn't function properly for everyone. Now I have an idea of how to avoid this in the future so it shouldn't happen again in any of my future projects. Thanks for the feedback!