Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

Really good puzzle game.

The concept is great and the gameplay twist in later levels is clever. Grapefruits provide enough of a challenge to be tricky but rewarding when you finally nail the last couple. And the time trial is just difficult enough to perfect the run without frustration. Very nicely tuned and good job!

Really nice, 5 stars (I've found a bug in the lvl 16, when you touch the red spoon, jump twice before the box kill you and you will disappear :P) .

JonBro responds:

Oh, yeah, this happens as a result of collision detection in the main character clipping through walls if he moves into something too fast. I did my best to keep this from happening, but I guess I didn't catch everything. I don't think I have the motivation to go back into this game's code and attempt to fix it six months after its release, but I'm glad you brought it up. Thanks for the review!

PHEW, Finally got all medals. Epic game. Entertaining concept; especially the logbook.

The Concept of the Game was good..
And it was Entertaining.. =D

five star!(it took me hours to get the living end