Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

If you try to get all the grapefruits, the game becames very challenging!
5 stars!

Nice made but its ways to easy and its really anoing Sorry only 2 stars :3

JonBro responds:

Could you be any more specific?

Nice puzzle platformer, reminds me of super meat boy in the character design and its moves, sometimes easy, sometimes really tricky, i'm now on my way to beat this motherf#@$ing time trial. I know I can do it, all I have to do is learning by heart every level.

A growing difficulty could have been cool, because some levels are tricky until you understand their new logic, then the others using the same are pretty easy once you've got it in mind. Anyway, 5 stars, because of great game and cool fun story (not only the guinea pig dimension like in a lot of this kind of game)

Really cool game. Has a portal vibe to it!

it's the most acualy "hard" puzzle game i have ever seen, i mean sure if you get the key and head straight for the door it's a piece of cake, but try getting the grapefruit. it's so mindbending, you need good eyesight, planning, and platforming skill, those puzzle game companies are just crying at this masterpiece. good job jonbro. 5/5 rate submision, adding it to my favourites, and 5 full stars.