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Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

you know what would be useful for this IF THE LINK ACTUALLY WORKED that would help alot yknow

one of the bests

Great game. But the speedrun is near impossible. You have a bigger chance of getting a 4:59 on Super Mario Bros. Yes, I made it. But with a lucky alignment of skills that I came up with. But other than that, it's a really good game. I really like how you gotta analyze the level before you dive straight into it.

gg brah

Wow! this is one of the best games i've played! You've essentially created a different version of "Unstable", which is a puzzle platformer with many mechanics and multiple endings, (8 bit music and graphics, story, and secrets hidden within. I've been looking for something like that and i found it here. 10/10!
Although the time-trial medal is pretty much impossible... 4:19:3 best time