Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

LOLOLOL The reason why there is a bunch of grapefruits are quite funny .

I need a walkthrugh

"Simply put, this was a fun game!
nuff said!
the story was interesting as well!
But nothings better than a fun game you could get lost in for a few hours!
I miss that these days u_u"
Why It was fun
-If was fast pace!
-They game didn't remove me from the action every time i died
and I didn't have to wait behind a load screen with every death
-The levels were challenging, even the easy levels had grapefruit to provide more of
a challenge the whole way through!
-Grab factor! It's that same feeling when you'er reading a good book or watching a great show, and you keep telling your self "one more page" Or "One more episode"
It's the same thing here, I should have been in my bed But i kept telling my self "one more level" Until it was over

Things that could've been better
I truly have to nit pick for this section cause in all honesty there was nothing i found awful
-There were some levels were the dialogue got in the way....That's it

Final words
Ive never written a review before, but this game moved me to do so!
Thanks for the experience, I had a really good time.
Good Night!

Ps: My spelling/Grammer isn't the best
Please forgive me XD

Bravo! This is a fantastic game! I enjoyed the story and how it was conveyed through information in the background via GOV's interaction with the protagonist and via GOV's entries in his diary. It makes me feel a bit sorry for GOV when he dies but makes me glad as well because of all the Hell he put the protagonist through. The one thing that I didn't like would be the 3:59 time limit for the time trial. That is obscenely short, leaving the player with no time to think and remember how to solve the first 20 rooms, especially the last few ones before rooms 19 and 20! Asides from that, you've done an amazing job everywhere else so kudos to you. You deserve my applause.

Nice Game, but how do i get the Bad Ending? :D

JonBro responds:

It's the one in Room 20 :P