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Reviews for "[REVIVE]"

Very nice game got all the medals but it looks it was a problem the medals just dont appear on my profile on the "Recent Game Medals" and I guess that I didnt got the points of it too.

Does anyone is getting the same problem?

JonBro responds:

I thought there might have been a problem but I assumed that was because the game was Under Judgment when I last checked. Hm. I'll have to look at that more closely.

Amazing game, really good work

Medianhansen you're just being portal fag, this game is fucking awesome, and I don't see how this game is at all like portal in anyway. You shouldn't go around bashing on a game that is clearly great, and that's an under statement. There is a bunch of reasons this game is awesome, so stop acting like you bought the fucking game or something (even if it did cost money I would have slapped down some cash for this), just enjoy the game!

those grape fruit never in my life have desired a fruit so much.......im missing 2 from lvl 16 and 18..........i love this game its so addicting, music is great, detail in the level is great......it makes me moist....hmmmm grape fruits.....

if i didnt gave u 5 stars, that would have followed me for quite a time....
incredible game....
it's already in my fav list...
keep up the AMAZING job~~~!!!!!!