Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

This game is worth playing! (i finished with 35 seeding)

There's a second one for this game? If so, please reply! I must play so bad. :D

great game, cant wait to play the second one, and how many seedling are there to catch? i have 33 atm

i love this game i cant wait for the next one. (I finished with 32 seedlindgs)

It's very good but have many problems that made me score it worse than it should: for paizuri you have to be in the middle and for blowjob to the right. But when you get to the type C women it turns into "middle for blowjob, right for paizuri". Your health goes down too quickly when you are having fast sex. During foreplay the "relax/normal/fast/turbo" is fucked up. When you press normal it goes relax, when you press fast it goes normal, when you press turbo it goes fast, and when you press relax it goes turbo. 2 women don't say anything, makes me think it was bugged, could say "..." at least