Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

how do you get to the mansion and is there a way to use the car?

why dont u make games with this animation style anymore? this is much better than ur new stuff

d-z responds:

Wait for simseh 3, maybe mid year, i hope.

I love the game! 5 out of 5 stars. The way to progress to pheromone level 3 is to go to Ms.Brunwicks house and fuck her in the ass. After you initially have sex with her move around the left side of the screen and keep pressing "E" to find the anal animation. After it's finished you will get a key. Use the key on the door to your right. Jerk off on the bush in the middle of the next room. It will spawn a wood nymph. Fuck her then retrieve the item to spore generator and you will have level 3. Awesome game. I fucked 33. I couldn't be able to fuck the brunette with dyed hair in the study group. Had fun.

was really enjoying this game...right up until i couldnt progress any further before unlocking spore level 3. i notice someone else was kind enough to post a walkthrough here in the reviews but even with that i couldnt trigger the scene that i guess has to be triggered in order to go forward. it just simply wouldnt work for me. so since ive never finished this game all the way through but had been enjoying until then i can only give it 3 stars.

This game is great. I'm playing it with my gamepad using JoyToKey.

However, there are two bugs that kind of break the game. The load and save function doesn't always work. This is because there are two different versions defined for load and save with identical function names, but different file names and data structures. Also, it's supposed to be possible to get 38 seeds, but one of them is impossible to get because the wrong variable is checked.

For the same reason several other messages aren't displayed in the right situation, and one message (in front of the Neilsen house) is not displayed at all because of a different issue (text scaling and positioning). These bugs don't really break the gameplay, but they damage the plot.

I actually downloaded the game and fixed those bugs using the JPEXS decompiler, for private use of course, I don't intend to upload it anywhere. But if the author of this game is still interested in fixing this game, I can help.