Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

By far one of my favorite game makers. Keep up the great work!

The graphics aren't modern, but the gameplay is varied and paced well enough that it still holds up in 2017. Seriously, more of these games need to actually be games. The scene progression is janky at first but once you get the pattern down it's a non-issue and a really good balance between scene control and one-handed gameplay. ; )

I got 37 seedlings, which I'm sure has to be the max.

Plenty of guides already in the comments, but here's an all-in-one;

Spore Generator -
Walk to the far right of the starting house and grab a battery from the dildo on the floor. Return to the starting room and activate the booth on the right side of the room. You can now generate spore by masturbating and spore Type Cs by grabbing them with a full Spore bar; fill the spore bar in this room. I recommend stopping and restarting when you hear the first squirt noise to save time.

Spore Lvl2 -
Go outside and to the faaaaaaar right, grab the green card on the tree along the way; spore and sex the lady looking through someone's wallet to get a key. Go Scoremed Labs go right until a door stops you. Grab it to use the key. Inside, grab the red phial on the machine to the right. Go back to base and use the booth; you can now affect Type Bs. Recharge Spore.

Spore Lvl3 -
Go to Branch house and go right until a door stops you. Spore and sex the lady in this room, then go through her scenes until anal to get her key (see the double--dashed tip below). Make sure masturbating won't return you to base by the time you're done. Unlock the door, masturbate onto the flowerpot, sex the nymph. Activate the booth at your base; you can now spore teenagers and guards (Type As). Enjoy finding everything. :)

- TIPS -
- You have to cycle through the speeds, you can only 'relax' from 'turbo' speed, and the first time after you spore a girl you can only move past the foreplay by hitting 'release' from 'relax'. Also 'relax' charges the blue bar the fastest, so if you're running low just top off before finishing.

-- Every non-guard scene has 4 variants that can be triggered by 'grabbing' 4 different areas of the hitbox. However, they have to be done in order if you want to see them, otherwise they'll just trigger a variant you've already seen. In proper order, the left side of the hitbox (automatically the first scene), the far right side (usually oral), the right side (usually titjob), then far left (usually anal).

- Every unspored girl (except the nymph) has a red-text reaction to masturbating near them, usually calling a guard. If you don't get a response, try the left side of the screen. After sexing a summoned guard, whoever made the call won't resist. If you spore the guard when they overlap, you can spore and fuck both; just remember that the patterns are different.

- If you aggro a guard/matron by masturbating at them, you won't be able to spore them.

Needs more things done to the main character.

I love the concept, but due to the very confusing controls, it was executed very poorly.
I had to read three or four 'walkthroughs' in the review section and then re-read them six or seven times to barely make sense of how to properly use the controls when fucking the girls. And even then, it took trial and error to actually get it to work. That is NOT a good thing to have in a game.
The buttons are labelled as if you press them to change the pace of fucking. This is not the case at all, since you actually have to press the buttons in a certain order to get to different positions, and then finally pressing 'E' to either advance to a new mode (i. e. from being jerked off to fucking her in the pussy) or to cum. The input commands for the buttons are thankfully the same for all the girls, but it was a pain in the ass to figure out the pattern.
Another thing that annoyed me was trying to figure out where exactly to stand over/beside the girl to get into what position. Who would've thought that you had to grab her fucking feet to get into the anal position? I wouldn't have known that if it weren't for one of the 'walkthroughs' I read in here in the review section... which brings me to my next point: The game has no direction. I would have never known about actually needing to fuck the woman's ass to get a key (which slips out of her ass btw) just to further progress. If I didn't know that information, I wouldn't have been able to play the rest of the game! (Figuring out that I had to grab her feet to initiate the anal scene was also trial and error, since none of the walkthroughs mentioned it; they only told me that I HAD to fuck this girl's ass, not HOW.)

The graphics are fine, but a lot of the animations are recycled... which makes the game repetitive. The girls and women themselves also share recycled models, with different sizes, colors, and styles of clothing/hair. Most of the women are unattractive in my opinion, but most of the younger girls are pretty and had interesting settings and scenarios. A few that I really liked was the green haired girl in the locker room, the twins inside the Citroen house, and the blue haired girl in the labs.

The sounds in the game were pretty generic and poor in quality, but I really like the song in the background for some reason. It really seems to fit the little green guy in everything he's doing. I almost want to request a high quality/remastered version for download.

Even with all of it's flaws and annoyances, this game is pretty fun and addicting. I would love to see (and play) a sequel. I just hope these issues are brought to attention and improved upon in said sequel.

I've played this game more times than I bothered to count and I still enjoy it. It's just THAT good.

For those interested, I found a funny little bug in the game, only do-able if you are in god mode (seed 20 girls and then pick the "W" option).
It can only be done wih the pink haired twins or the red-head at the far right (the one in front of the "stuff box"), since they are the only teens that call the cops.

Step1, masturbate in front of the girl so she'll call the cops.
Step2, spore the girl before the cop shows up/hits you.
Step3, position yourself in a spot so that when the cop strars hitting you she is ovelapping with one of the teens.
Step4, spore the cop (you will also start fuking the teen).
Step5, grab the cop and fuck her (you will also grab the teen and fuck her again).

Through trial and error I found out that you can actually spore them both at the same time if you postion yourself right. I also found out that the bug doesn't work with any other girl on the whole map (I tried them all).