Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

This is epic!

Yeah this game seems really cool but I just can't figure out how to play.

Its interesting... Though, getting the positions was quite difficult almost to the point where it was frustrating...

not bad, needs a bit of refinement though, maybe improve the graphics a bit.

The groups of 4, its very hard to distinguish which girl you are about to get and i simply cannot get the second from the right in either case.

not bad overall, could use some refinement, better graphics, a method of restoring your spore that doesnt involve having to watch yourself jerk off for a while, better dialogue from the women,

and i noticed a couple glitches.

the black woman in the public toilet, before you even find the latina in the house she will respond to her claim of having been fucked by a midget.

in one of the houses that leads to hedges on the outside if you continue to the right into the hedges you will wind up in the laboratory.

Ok, interesting concept, I just wish I could get it working...

No reset, no help button, so since I skipped the initial text to get to the gameplay (which I will do to find out if the interface is interesting, specially if the text feels like something got lost in translation, which it does) and could not restart!! So I have no idea why I don't capture, if it's a bug or just some key combo I didn't read about.

When I first played this game, I think I saw a sounds off icon... now that's gone. Update? Bug?

My seed's ready, it stays ready even past ejaculation, and cumming on type C girls seems to have no effect.

I don't mind reading instructions for a game, but I _do_ mind a long, wordy, bad engrish 15 minute turn-off before I even get to SEE the game, and decide if I wish to play it.

1/2 point for the obvious effort to make a different kind of H game. I can't give more just based on other people's descriptions. Sure wish I could actually _play_ the thing.