Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

i got 36 chicks: i found 2 secret girls, kinda looking to see if there is more, also what the heck is the purpose for the storage room in the lab, i know you can do something in there, it doesnt feel right to just have an empty room like that

the alpha male sperm and Nymph juices are a little hard to find but outside of that it is a good game and i will be playing this again

So when is the new one coming out?

So Great game I Fuck 35 Chicks and make sure to repair the bug in the Homilton House and i hope there is a new version to be upgraded i am exited to the new update please make it fast :D :3

Best Game Ever :D

to get to level 3 fuck the girl in the ass that in the flower placer and to fuck her in the ass I think u have to get her to suck u dick then fuck her tits then move be hide her leg the press e till u fuck her ass the when ur done fucking her ass u get a key any use it to open the door that lock in the room u r in then there this 1 flower in the room u hold space till u cum then u fuck her and then u get the item to level up and to get level 1 u fuck the guy at the end of the map the u go to the green building at the opposite side that u walk on