Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

how do i get anal sex with the first milf we fuck? (nice game, very fappable content for me)

I enjoyed this.
Not too long that it takes up an awful lot of time (you can finish it in a day) but not so short that it isn't satisfying.

The gameplay is quite good for a browser/flash game thingy. It's challenging and may seem a bit hard to grasp at first but isn't impossible and becomes fun before long.
I think there could have been a wider variety of characters and positions, but that might be too demanding. It was still fun.

I also liked the concept, personally.
An alien on a mission to perpetuate the existence of his species by seeding human females. Kinda interesting. There was some effort put into the exposition - I appreciate that too. I think there could easily be more to the plot but, again, I understand that this is just a simple flash game.
Nonetheless, while I have astronomically high standards, I'm praising this game because I enjoyed it. And that's all that really matters in the end. But, I digress.

The mystery elements or the finding of the key items was a bit difficult. I had to use my brain and get creative a few times. Like when finding the Nymph, you actually had to not only read a book, but understand what it meant as a clue before you could hope to progress at all. While this may bee a bit too hard for some, I personally appreciate a challenge and this game gave it to me. Actually had to figure stuff out on my own from what I was told in the beginning with no further help.

I do think it should have had more of a conclusion, though; a cliffhanger at the least. I see that there is a sequel to this and look forward to playing it, but this title could've had so much more wholesome a story if the ending just tied into the beginning somehow or resulted from a build-up of actions during the game. It would have been nice to know what happened to the alien lady mentioned in the beginning - even a small teaser would be nice.
But, eh... I'm way too judgemental. XD

Anyway, thanks for the awesome game. Not without flaw, but definitely above average in my opinion. The premise of playing as an alien being who not only wants to reproduce but MUST do so gives it an additional layer that makes it more than just another hentai flash game.

never mind i got to lvl 3

Classic, never gets old

Nice, maybe you could improve the positions and the way to get them ;) Fucking the police is fucking great xD Also the plot is kinda difficult (just my opinion), getting the level 3 was definitely epic: it took me a lot of time. But putting some more things in the plot (other level, new creatures) would be cool. Nice work . (I fucked 35 caracters)