Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

Hit boxers are off, the spikey creatures hit farther than they actually let on. Otherwise not to bad.

Good gameplay, responsive controls. Even though there's a lot of die-and-retry in this game, each time it feels like it was our fault if we died, which is perfect. I did find one bug - you can walk through the right side of the wall which is on the left of the last "bit" to collect. There's a good replay value by trying to play without catching the bits, caring about the time only. I missed those good old platform games where double-jumping was everything. The bounciness and ice added the last bit of originality and challenge needed. Yay!

Adorable!! And I love the music. THat's some good shortwhiled Platforming right there. Nice

I live the overall gameplay.

I actually found this to be quite a 'bit of fun' once I got used to the controls, and I found the art style charming. Although, as others have pointed out, the enemy's hitboxes do feel larger than they ought to be, and I found myself dying a number of times just because I thought I was going to jump past an enemy and I exploded into red blocks instead. (You may have updated the game since these complaints, but even still, the hitboxes felt a tad wide.) I also found I was getting most frustrated and having the least amount of fun when I encountered a super-precise jump, which this game doesn't have an abundance of, but the few it does have are pretty big speed bumps. Level 4 in particular seemed badly designed for that reason, especially since it was a precise jump you have to make so close to the beginning of the game. It's also worth mentioning that the game lagged a little for me on every level containing falling snow, but this is more of a minor detail in my eyes and didn't affect the gameplay too much.

All in all, this is an enjoyable little experience which mainly suffered from occasional random difficulty spikes and unnatural collision detection. And I'm one of the people who actually liked collecting all the bits.