Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

This game should not realased because you just took no work on the gameplay! The way how the caracter moves makes it harder than every other game i've ever played. Please fix the controls there are the only bad thing in the game.

Enemy hitboxes are unforgiving and it's extremely easy to just die the moment you enter a new level. Aside from that it's a pretty fun little game.

sensativity is way too high. but game is very creative and fun

The name of the game says it all! The game is really a bit a fun. My only complaint is that I cannot choose a level. I missed a coin in one of the last levels, and I couldn't go back without restarting the whole game, and that's a pain. But all in all, it's a good game! Good work!

I'm actually hoping games like this don't get thru anymore.
The synopsis would be "Nothing new or interesting."
You mentioned a twist, but I never got to one, since I've played 400 platformers which were totally the same game as your game is, thus giving me no reason to let this clone thru.
There was a problem with the controls. When jumping, the controls are really wobly, making spots like "Level 4" pretty hard to get thru.

I apologize for not really reviewing the aspects of your game that much in this post. It is simply due to the immense overflow of games that are in no way different than this.
If you love what you do, you'll have to think outside the box. Think of something new!

Keep it up.

keyreal responds:

You didn't get to the twist because you didn't get to level 5.