Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

It was a good, little experience!

It sounds a little like Meat Boy, while it's not as frustrating as that game.
Controls were good for the most part (didn't really like the icy platforms to be honest... you start moving like you're on a crazy conveyor belt!).
Graphic is nice (really liked the little background effects) and the music is pretty catchy!
Last, I really enjoyed the ball trasformation!

With 100 deaths, all 13 coints, I collapsed the window satisfied!
Not the most original game on earth, still a nice, small platformer!

You deserve credit for making something creative. It's too bad it was so frustrating. It's particularly annoying when the bits themselves are so hard to get. I was hoping more for being able to collect them after you died. I do have to give you some more credit for having some good music. It's funny to see the character's eyes turn into hearts.

I don't know what these little suns are doing everywhere. All I know is that they are unkillable. It gets to a point where you have to double jump for everything to get around. I'm glad not using that isn't a medal. The setup is very nice too.

i'm a great platformer and i could definitely beat this.

however, level 4 was so ridiculously stupid and difficult for an early level that i just blammed this and moved on :)

i am sick and fucking tired of platformers.

Certainly challenging, but fun? Not at all. I won, but I wish I hadn't bothered, and I certainly have no wish to retry for the "all coins" medal, let alone the "no death" one. I think you've overestimated the joy of playing this, especially given that you can't play the levels separately to get the "no death" medal.

Irritating music, annoying game mechanics (by which I mostly mean that "ball form" which has 2 angles to travel at; "straight down" and "straight to your death"), all the levels look roughly the same (ruining any sense of progression), the difficulty hops around like crazy, and there's no satisfaction to be found here.

You can have 1 star for the graphics (the "bits" were lousy and the spikers seemed they could kill you without actual contact being required, but the rest was okay).