Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

Hands down the most difficult to master platformer I have ever played. The mechanics were very challenging. I enjoyed that, but I can see where it would be more aggravating than enjoyable. The unusually slippery controls would lead many people to feel that the difficulty was not due their skill but a flaw in the game.
Great music, great looks, great design.
I was disappointed that I couldn't get the 12th coin because I jumped too high and accidentally went to the next level. I don't know what could fix that, since there are a number of levels where exiting to the previous level would have made coin collecting too easy.

Was it your intention to have the jumps be hard as balls to control? Since before the days of the NES, letting go of directional input during a jump has meant "slow your horizontal motion." Here, you retain all of your horizontal momentum, and it is the source of a great, great many difficulties.

Also on the list of things that are incredibly annoying is the complete lack of ability to change your direction in ball form. If you were intending the player to learn to push down ONLY and PRECISELY when striking the floor, this is fine (though you should note this somewhere in the game so the player doesn't feel deceived). Otherwise, a little bit of control during at least before the first bounce shouldn't be THAT bad, right?

On a more micro level, I think the coins may be slightly glitched; at least in level 7, where I passed through the coin and it didn't recognize the collection until I jumped at it from below. Looks like maybe the "hitbox" for it is lower than the actual sprite. Slight issue, that.

Also at one point I encountered an area where I was falling down a crevasse maybe ten blocks deep, and momentarily glitched in such a fashion that I ended up standing inside the wall, having landed there from the fall. I wasn't able to replicate it (though admittedly I did not try very hard) but it might be something to look into.

I loved the sound and visuals.
But, as others already pointed out, there is one thing that makes your game unnecessarily frustrating (and I don't mean frustrating in the good 'super-meat-boy-way'):
Out of the 300 times I died, appox. 260 were due to the super-floaty controls. That's sad, 'cause with properly adjusted controls I could easily see 'A Bit Of Fun' among the top platformers on Newgrounds. The 2.5 stars I gave you are solely for the presentation. My advice to you would be to take the game down, tweak the controls and then upload it again later. With precise control, I'll happily give 5 stars!

(Oh, and by controls I don't only mean running, jumping and double-jumping, but also the bouncy ball - often this little sucker flew far to unpredictable!)

awesome like super meat boy thanks for posting this !

Decent game, but controls are annoying as fuck. They are too sensitive. overall pretty good