Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

i have a lot of respect for people who managed to finish the game without dying...

Good improvements since last update.

This game could be considered "not bad" if it weren't for the terrible hit boxes.

The player will be hard pressed to understand why he is dying, other than that "I guess the hit boxes are larger than they look like they should be"

Pretty easy in comparison to IWBTG(I Wanna Be The Guy), it's only really hard if you try to get all medals in your first run, which is downright impossible.

Great game, shit controls, the feel too slippery, I sense that you were going for a Super Meat Boy style thing, but it really doesn't work when the controls handle like butter down a hill, if you improve the control and give more control when in ball form, this game would easily get a 4.5 or 5 from me, but until then, it stands at 3 purely for the concept, music and art.

keyreal responds:

Due to popular demand, just updated the controls! Thanks to everyone for reviews so far! Hope you enjoy the game now.