Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

had fun .

Its very cool but very buggy

Much much too difficult for a "never die" game

good but not good enough for me

There was the mechanics of an absolutely great game, wasted them on an unreasonable difficulty arc and irritating level design. This was made into a short snappy precision platform whereas I felt the whole 'ball' gimmick could have been exploited with more levels and less hazards designed around and well, room to bounce! The mechanic is only ever used to do high jumps, which makes it seem a bit shallow. 'A Bit of Fun' would suggest being free to use the bouncing ability whenever, just to watch the 'Mouse Trap' style choas of the character flying around the screen. However, too many obstacles meant too much friction between the player and fun.

...Aside to that good game... (well, except the ice, that felt completely broken and unfair, unlike ice in other games)