Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

Controls: the movement speed makes it a bit agitating when you hit those yellow hedgehogs too much but it also keeps it fast paced and exciting. 9/10

Design: Its a bit gloomy or dark and repetitive in colors/shapes. Nothing I disliked though 7/10.

Level design: This is what I always look for. 9/10 here. Very good symbiosis between movement options and challenges. The ice gave me a good challenge. A lot can be added here.

Good game, thanks for sharing.

now this what i call a well made game, this is what games should be like. but all the new game designers worry more about the graphics than the actual story as well as game play. if they bring back old retro style in with the new styles then everything would be perfect. retro mini games where the player is in control of his own fate depending upon the challenge. and no matter how many times you die you always have a chance to continue without having to start all over. more games should be like this. give us a challenge something we are willing to die for.

cool gameplay but you really need to fix the hitboxes of the spikes, I keep dieing without touching them. In a game like this hitboxes need to be SPOT ON.

This was supposed to be a short review, so I made it one.
Good job. I like it.

The 100 point medal is fucking hard as hell