Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

While I like the antics of Nylocke, Rockoon and Kirbopher and understand they need characters like Gamecrazed, Flamegirl and Alpha to bounce off, I have some concerns regarding Alpha's character.

I understand the series is new, but I hope we get to see more depth to both Alpha and Flamegirl--in Alpha's case, a lack of flaws beyond being milquetoast except when it matters would make him a more rounded character.

As for Flamegirl, it seems as if she has little life outside of her presence in Alpha's own. When she met Whyti and Saturndiva at the cafe, the subject of Alpha dominated the entire conversation, and while the Minigame Madness short was good in that regard, I'd like to see more examples in the future.

Despite these misgivings of mine, it's been a well-made, funny and interesting series so far. I hope to see more of it in the future--and, hell, I hope to see more depth to every character, particularly (since I like them and they're not so different) Rockoon and Kirbopher.

Well done.

wish this was an actual game

Ok folks. The clear next step is a tome 6. Sgt. Majot kirbopher, im counting on you ans anjdu,casey, D-Mac-Double, foolishcharacter, Heilos, psyguy, shadyvox, wolfmercenary, now go out there get the daily 1st prize and do it by making TOME 6!
Oh and episode 5 was awesome, keep up the great work.


Like A Hurricane! It shall rockith you like one! Freaking love Nylocke! Master of Being Awesome!