Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

So I'm starting to think TOME has to be played in a way similar to that old show Chaotic. Where you are put in a simulated 3D environment inside of a virtual capsule room or something. I think the idea of players being hurt is hard to take seriously if they are just sitting in front of a computer because nothing stops them from walking away, ya know?

Otherwise I don't have too much to say. I think this was a good episode. Things are getting interesting.

Keep up the good work :D this was the best episode so far.

awesome and how was that guy how could defect the forbidden power

Loved it! Really do, its great to see this series go so far. I myself have been an avid fan since the original's season 1 (lovable 2d!), I got in just when second season was coming online and haven't seen anything else like it. Lots of love to your sound effects designer and music score contributer because they do an amazing job!

Still, the style has changed drastically from sprites to full on animation and with comes some visual kinks i think could definitely be improved on. Character poses are simplified (a good thing) and for most of the time is very fluent but due to some of the templates used I see things that bother me a bit but don't detract from the overall quality. An example would be Zetto's (yay!) posture when attacking or simply looking at the other end of the screen simply looks like he's posing with no particular direction then actually looking to kill something which was his usual entrance. A little awkward at times but not big, but adds up in not just new charecters but the main front runners and the templates then run on. Some running animation used like Niloks often times just dosen't match the speed of his pace, or Alpha when he was running up the wall. (I'm sure why I don't yet like Zetto's shooting pose, might be because of his legs and I have a slight bias due to his old sprite sheet ;})

I understand that the animators (I don't know who or how many) get one template and reverse for the sake of not having to do doubles of everything but for times like Zetto's cyberarm appearing on the wrong arm half the time, right-left switches tend to stick out in a mind. This usually isn't a problem because most characters are symmetrical.

These are just points I've been seeing consistently in the animation but is not the main output i find from the series. Its great, its wonderful and evolving with every new publishing but groveling to the wonderful crew probably gets redundant in the comments. As a fan I'm glad TOME is still going on but I still see room to grow and in time be filled. What made TOME so great was the leaps and bounds being made in its visuals (voice acting is top notch!) and great story telling. This was a series that grew from a choppy mish of sprites to well... a cornerstone to internet animation. Running strong and making fans proud.

Keep up the great work and anticpate future improvements. Till next time, and have a great time!

Great episode. The begging was funny, I love the action scenes, and it had a good tension coming from this episode. The battle scenes went deeper than they usually do and I feel like there was a bit of foreshadowing besides the tournament. But I could be wrong. Besides that I can't wait for the next episode.