Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

ye shall be rocketh- like a huricane TAKAHDA!

cool and funny too but didnt kirbopher make brawl taunts

this is so cool i want this to be a game badly!

its like my ffxi frimds and how wii r lmao this is a sweet. id watch this alot

Another top-notch episode and obviously one of the best yet.Now things are really picking up the pace storywise.So much has happened in just this one episode that I'm fumbling with how to cover it all,but here I go regardless:the action was superb and jaw-dropping,the humor was rib-cracking even if a bit brief,and the intensity of the setup for future dilemmas is nail-biting if not finger-chewing.No matter where things go from this point on,one thing is certain:it's gonna be HUGE.