Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

Can anyone tell me what the song was when alpha was staring at the city, and a few seconds after that zetto appears. Because that is my favorite track yet.

FINALLY! Zetto! He's back!

I love this episode, Awaken the Beast is epic was waiting for Virus Alpha to come out, it's a remake of the original series called TTA, Tome is a better series, if you wanna see the original series just type TTA on the search box.

Dark Alpha was BADASS!!!XD Now THAT's what I call "Freeing the Beast"!!! I have soooo many q's but I'll wait till the future episodes.

I love this series,I have always enjoyed the concept of the Dot//Hack series But TOME feels like Dot Hack done right.It's Realistic in the sense that it appears the Characters play this recreationally where as in dot hack it seems like its there fucking job and their obligated to play this game?(wtf)It's Humorous and has a well thought out story I look forward to every episode .