Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

I expected that the plot was getting more interesting and I was right.
By the way, did someone mention THE scream ? Come on, you know what I meant.

Yay Zetto appeared. My fav TOME charcter of them all.

Good episode love the beasts looking Alpha.

I really adored this flash. Good animation, very engaging story, and the music is wonderful. The way you generated the environment of TOME feels like a breath of fresh air compared to other things I've seen. I hope you release some of the additional tunes in the future. I am a sucker for "digital" tunes and the ending credits for this one gave me chills. I don't mind if you take months for the next one. Work such as this is worth the wait.

You put in shogun and tzuzuku in early. not only them but T-bones and Grouder AKA Granda. Also zetto came in early. and alpha attacked kirb pretty early. and the gemni touney coming early. you changed a lot of things from tta.

Kirbopher, can you tell me what version of Flash you used for the remaining episode 58 of TTA? Can you also tell me some tips for animating? I'm planning on making a flash series of my own one day and your the best person I can think of to give me tips. By the way, I loved this episode!