Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

Very awesome indeed! all the new characters were very cool, one thing about characters, are you just going to cameo my character Mythril into one of these? Just a question.

Awesome. I'm so glad you didn't abandon this for good. The old version was epic, but the episodes were short and it resembled DBZ too much. But this new and improved series makes up for just about every flaw the old one had. And this version is even better. The characters are better or the same, the story is less cliche but still just as great, the episodes are longer and better packaged, the art and animation is more professional and much higher quality, and it is even more fun to watch than the last one. And I am personally very glad you didn't make Zetto look like Mecha Sonic again. ;p

My one fear is my biggest complaint with the last one, in that it might become too much like DBZ. But it doesn't appear like that is happening here, especially after this episode and Zetto's character redesign. This series has the completely original feel the TOME world should, and is more polished. I can't wait for the next one.

OH...MY...GAWD!!! That was awesome!!!!! Kirb? Keep at this man! We all love it!!!

i look forward to seeing more this series rocks and i like seing new epasodes everytime a new 1 shows up i must watch keep up the good work and i look forward to the next thing of tome

Holy shit, that was just crap good-no, fuckin' awesome! I even screamed out "ZETTOOO!" like some kind of crazed lunatic at the mere sight of the boy, and I just love his new design, from the hair to the wardrobe and even those evil sharkteeth goin on. Also, Alpha's transformation was executed superbly, so way to go!

It was also great to see Tsusuku and Shogun appear as well, though their voices (and slight adjustments to wardrobe) threw me off a little from their otherwise noobish personalities from season 2.

all in all, it was a real step-up from episode 4, and I daresay you've redeemed yourself in my eyes.
5 5 Fav Keep doin' what you're doin, Kirb, and remember to stay on the beaten path!