Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"

Why is everyone afirca?!

1000/10 i have to say kirb great work i want to see ep 6 now !!!!!!! everyone does a great job and im hook it reminds me a bit of .hack but with its own style and ive been watching this from the start and in a way i wish tome was a real game , and ur characters seem so real with all of the quarks and its funny that ur character isn't in the lime light but a smart ass wise crackin side character , keep up the good work and u have a fan for life

If anyone gives less than 5/5 The world of TOME will face an apocalypse


This.... This is then next generation of animation!
Kirbopher and all, im a huge fan! Good job!

That was amazing great job, this episiod was a bit like dragonball