Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

I don't really believe this took you 9 years, more like 1 year at most

but it's still very well animated



fea-tures responds:

lol you should have seen the state of it after the first year.

I actually have the old SWF files, one for each year. Ill have to upload those as a kind of retrospective, just to put that 8-9 years into perspective.

Thanks for watching! :D

Wow now that's some awesome spriting!

Not since Abobo's Big Adventure have I seen a massive NES tribute as epic as this. I don't think the plot counts as anything as the amazing use of sprites in this epic masterpiece. And considering this was a tribute to the late Randy Solemn I bet this shits gonna have him smiling in his grave. Needless to say this was just incredible the whole way through with all the songs, and even the Pikmin sprites. I mean holy hell they look authentic and that's saying a lot considering you might be the frist person to do such a thing

Point is this is amazing end of discussion

WOW you are really good to animate 8-bit videos nice work

Very good animation. Such memories,if it played like this for real I would not have sold my carts,lol.Love the music selections.Shows how the hunter can be the hunted.

cool i like it
& why chill is peeing