Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

This was phenomenal! It took you 8-9 years to make this!? That's nearly a decades worth of animating, creating and prepping of this animated short!!! This definatley stands out of all the video game parodies that I've watched over the years this one is the finest I have ever seen in my life! The plot was thrown in and out which made me feel abit mixed yet you've entertained me with your amazing animating skills and surrealism (my personal favorite art form!) to keep me motivated and stuck to the screen for the whole time. You mixed in Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System to bring back alot of nostalgia including many snippets and soundtracks from various games that I played an know by heart! You brought back tears, laughter and nostalgia along with a hint of surrealistic appeal like from the Golden Age of Animation feeling (Watch Betty Boop, Popeye, Mickey and other earlier animated shorts to "get" this meaning). You deserve the most highest scores, honors and privileges for concocting this amazing film for so many years. To me if I was given the choice of putting this on and deservingly under the Video Game Parodies page I would do it with no questions asked. That's how much a spectacular job you've done here friend! I'm bestowing you for your hard work, efforts and with great upbeat powers for your final score. A solid 5/5 and a 5/5 in voting power! You deserve it buddy, congratulations on a job well done! I have on question to ask of you, Will there be a sequel!? I hope you keep animating and contributing here, This site needs more talent from people like you! I hope you've enjoyed this review. Have a bright, grand day friend!!! Good day.

I like the way you incorporated everything into one world without any stupid portals or anything. Good job.

Clearly this was a labor of love - and it shows. The animation was great, the art work on all the custom sprites was awesome and the music selection made my eight year old self jump up and down with excitement. Thanks for sharing this with the internet. Keep up the good work!

The duration and quality of this is mind boggling.

Besides that, I always wanted to know what 8-Bit blood vomiting would sound like. XD

this is better than the other movies!