Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

Hey Features

The length really suprised me. Have you planned on adding some scene selection or release this on youtube?

I loved every moment of it. Hope you get some rewards man.


This was totally brilliant! Simply amazing! I think there should be more movies like this. It was definately worth the watch!

My only gripe is that you used additional voices, mainly for Toad that did not fit with the NES 8-bit sound track. But other than that, I really loved this! Nice work!

Simply put.. the greatest flash ive ever seen!!

Its obvious a lot of love and attention went into this flash. Great job! Even if at times it made little to no sense at all I still loved it. The way you where able to mix in so many different game references was stellar! Please make a second movie and finish the story? I would love to see how the dog ends the war!

P.S. I was only going to give this 4 stars but the music from River City Ransom earned you the fifth lol