Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

Best movie evar!
But I still can't belive that it was made in MS Paint and is 38,960 frames!
Soooooooooo cool!!!!!

You deserved much more than daily 5th.
9 years of work.. sheesh.

This was completely awesome,

@Nintendo, Your next game should be "Call of Duty, Mario Warfare"

I like how you integrated the pickmen into it as well, Olimar was there all the time XD
It was like my whole nintendo experience (on the Nintendo DS ofcourse) brought up to a whole new level. I wish they made a real game out of this, possibly a game for older people of course, but also with some of the main mario-like aspects of it.

I rate 5 stars, That was awesome, (probably deserves at least 5.5)

Wow. You are definitely a gifted sprite editor. I mean, my God, I was both terrified and amazed with the sprites you made for the Angry Sun at the end! And I felt really bad for the dog getting his ass handed to him. I mean, yes, the dog was an annoyance in Duck Hunt, but he didn't deserve THAT!!!

All in all though, a fantastic movie, and the effort is shown. The custom sprites are amazing, the references and "cameos" are great, and it's just a kick-ass film. Well done, Shane. Well done.

You did an amazing job with the pixelmation on this. Absolutely spot on. Marvelous. Well done. Bravo. Great.