Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

This is incredible. It is apparent that some real effort was put into this movie. Thank you so much for sharing. =)

This has probably been one of the most epic sprite animations I've ever seen on Newgrounds. Seriously, it even ranks up there with SMBZ! The sheer amount of work you put into The Dog was simply awe-inspiring. Of course, there could have been a tidier resolution to the plot besides having the Angry Sun chase The Dog, but that's what sequels are for, huh? Besides, the plot of this Flash was all kinds of awesome, with so many good jokes throughout

Definitely worth the 9 year wait! And definitiely worth the 22 minute length! Keep up the awesome work! And I loved the Sinistar voices at the end. I haven't heard those in years =D

are going to make a 2

I love pixels and animations like that! You maked it great animation! Great! Great! Great! Great! And Veryveryveryveryyyyyyy loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooong! 5 stars!!!!!
You must spend very long time on this! If i will have an bank account i will maybe donate!

That was spectacular!

It's been a while since I saw a sprite movie that doesn't recycle the same shit we've seen so many times. How the hell did this slip under the radar is a total mystery to me. Too bad that this doesn't have a higher score.

Graphics: You did an excellent job on ripping, customizing, importing, and animating the sprites. It's even more amazing that you did all of your editing in MS Paint, which gets a very bad rap. All of that effort was painstaking, but it was all worth it in my book. (Especially considering that you had to make it all under system specs.) Kudos for NOT saving your backgrounds as .jpegs, which doesn't blend well with pixel art or vector art.
Music and sound: I will say that you have the ear for music as all of those NES songs fit perfectly. Also worth mentioning is that you managed to use some obscure games for music (FF3, Lagrange Point, Akumajou Densetsu, and the NES Earthbound). As for the sound effects, I like how you took some liberties without going overkill. That's highly commendable.
Content: You sir have the eye of a director; something that only a few on NG truly posess. Every scene was well-staged, cohesive, composed, and the camera movements were also great. In addition, your pacing was perfect considering that this was a war-themed cartoon. Did I mention that I thought that this was funny at parts? However, the only flaw is that there were spelling mistakes.

What I liked about this:
-Underused subject
-Great music selection
-Excellent sprite work
-Top-notch direction

What I didn't like:
-Spelling mistakes

Overall: I think a ten would be most appropriate for this. (5/5)

fea-tures responds:

Thank you so much for the Review, I had no idea Tom had finally featured Duck Hunt in the Parody collection.

Fairly chuffed to be getting fond reviews once again, makes it all feel a little more worth while. Particularly surprising to me since this is the old version that featured some major pacing issues.

The Youtube and eventual MP4 Newgrounds (Having client issues with my slow connection) version are far superior to what you've seen but still, thanks alot, made my day. :)