Reviews for "Super Duck Hunt"

Um... I'm not exactly sure what I just watched.

I didn't really understand the story at all. The Toads and Koopas are fighting, there's a bunch of random cameos from several Nintendo characters, and for some reason we're supposed to care about the dog? And why exactly is it titled "Super Duck Hunt?"

Obviously you're very good at sprite animation, there's no question about that. But I really didn't understand the need for all the random characters. Stuff happens and then one minute later it's gone and it doesn't matter that it happened. For example, what was the point of the Triforce, Kirby, and all the Pikmin? What consequence was there for the dog getting shot by the syringe? Why was the dog important at all? The focus seems to entirely shift from the war to the random antics of the dog with no real conclusion. Maybe I'm missing something but I really didn't see a point to this.

Well.. if you get 50 times as many people to watch it, as have already watched it at this point.. then you'll successfully have collectively wasted the same amount of time of the veiwers as you did making it.. It was truly just terrible... I was excited by the concept, and intrigued at where it was going.. but it just left me thinking ouch.. 8 years for that.. too sad.. so bad.. i liked the music, but of course.. that was just ripped from great games with great memories attached.. nothing really you did o.O i liked the map with the koopa invasion.. it was cool.. and like i said, concept sounded great, but you didn't.. go there.. just side toured and then credits rolled..

Wasn't that great, and a whopping whole 22 minutes. After watching the dog get beat on for a bit, it gets OLD. Especially when the sequence they're in just does NOT end. While it's well made (considering it's all sprites though mehhhhhh) and Im sure took a lot of effort and time... in the end it just seems like you made a 22 minute sprite sequence and not a 22 minute work of art or entertaining cartoon.

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