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Reviews for "Collect"

A fun time waster and puzzle game, the longer you play, the more you start to figure out the right path or optimal path. That being said, should always invest in Learning first so you can XP faster to use on distance and bounces.

I came here exclusively to get the medals because this game in itself is not that good.

What learning gives?

I got it. You get more experience.

There's really no excuse for a game like this not having either checkpoints, level select or (auto)save. Quite a shame, because in itself, it's nicely done and fun.

Tests complete by the 29th generation! Woo! It took a while, but it was a fun and addicting play, and a great idea for a game. It's the most simple ones that make tyhe most fun. Great work on all aspects, control, effect, experience, reward and even the music. It's one of those tracks that heightens the atmosphere of the game without you even noticing it. Great work!