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Reviews for "Collect"

It's fun until it's not fun anymore when you have to play level one over and over again. Instead of collecting exp I think that the distance and bounce amounts should be used to force the player to find one path through the level. Instead of this... thing you have here.

The repetition of the first 5 or so levels gets really annoying fast, but the concept is interesting. I really think there should be a "stop ball" button (maybe the spacebar or something) though. One slightly off shot and you're screwed, the ball will just bounce around uncontrollably until it blows up. And maybe make the ghost trail from your latest attempt a different or brighter color than all the other trails, so you can more easily adjust your aim each time.

Incredibly boring. I can't believe we are supposed to do level 1 three-hundred times.

This game started off so well. It was an interesting concept: you start off incapable of progressing through a series of levels, so you have to evolve, grinding as you get further and further in the game, evolving faster and so on until you've beaten the game.
Here's where the problem begins to arise: Your ball leaves a trail as it travels, which is projected as a ghost track the next time you reach the level. If you look carefully at the track, you'll see it shift slightly. Most people would use this ghost as a reference point when firing their next ball, but doing so in this game will cause the ball to take a slightly different path. Since this physics-based game calls for precision, this slightly different path is almost guaranteed to veer away from your target. And then IT leaves a ghost on the level.
Now some of you would say this wouldn't matter, you'd just nudge the ball's aim to accommodate. My point is: you shouldn't have to. You're compensating for the programmer's mistakes. In a AAA title, this would be inexcusable. In an indie game, this would be inexcusable. In a Ludum Dare exercise, it is still inexcusable.

Not bad..It was a bit repetitive, but I can see the strategy aspect.