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Reviews for "Collect"

Nice simplistic game for wasting half an hour, which is exactly as I did, the lines to show where you'd been were very useful but an option to remove unsuccessful ones would have been better. Ignore the fools you took 40 generations to get to level 4 or whatever, this isn't particularly challenging (in a good way). I finished it in 21 generations.

This game does a lot of things right, but it gets SO tedious to grind your stats. It was the 19th generation before I even made it to level 6 the first time. And even after that, level 5 starts off with such a tricky shot that I miss it more often than not. Ultimately, while the gameplay was kinda fun, I just ended up feeling frustrated.

Frankly, this is a great game. The concept is really good, the gameplay too, the music is chill and relaxing. The 3.5 is because it's repetitive. For people like me, who haven't passed test 7 after the 41st generation, it's get kinda boring. It's not your fault, it's clearly mine, no offense.

A lot of people are complaining about checkpoints. But it's an evolution game. One generation gets killed and the next one which gets to evolve has to try and do better.. It's funny because they don't understand!

Pretty awesome game. i like the physics and the way you need to learn from your mistakes to progress.