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Reviews for "Collect"

you may have noticed wherever you laned in the last round is where you will start in the next

I quite enjoyed it but may I ask. What is the name of the song? I've heard it a lot in flash games.

i enjoyed it. it was mildly addicting. a checkpoint after the first few levels miht help. i took 35 evolutions, then 22 after second try

Good game, but I noticed a problem: At the top, instead of saying '11th', '12th' and '13th' it says '11st', '12nd' and '13rd'. If you could change this the game would be perfect.

its a good game but i found a bug
instead of saying 13th generation at the top of the sreen it said 13rd genration

if you really wanna make this game the best it can be, you need to polish out things like that.