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Reviews for "Collect"

The concept is passable but the inevitable repetition is mind-numbing

Excellent game, combination of strategy, logical thinking and just plain common sense. Completed in 16 generations on first attempt and will be trying again.

Only gripe was that i lost 2 generations right at the start as wasn't clear what was happening on the Evolution Centre screen.

The game is simple and awesome, but the only thing I felt missing is the value of the upgrades.

I absolutely loved this- very fun, very simple to understand, very easy to play. My only complaint is that there aren't more tests to complete. :3

i may seem gay but...
...this is so metaphorical!
one can always see, what he has done in the last 85 generations (my time)
in the first couple of generations, you can always only see one way, that's pretty thick.
then later, one can see some failed attempts.
even later, with even more failed attepts, one can see not only the one fat line, but one slightly thick line. that means, the player has learned about the rules, that the level always begins there, where it finshed. the player learned, that if he uses a different, and even longer route in the beginning, the whole game gets much easier to beat.

where's the metaphor here?

our lives are much the same.
first everybody just did things as everybody did, without even thinking.
but later, some "rebels" found a new way to do the same thing, maybe on purpose, maybe by chance.
but only ver few people acknowledge the new way.
later, it turns out, that this way was better.
and in the end, everyone uses that way.

and did i mention, that the levels are called "tests" here? sounds like it was a psychic test or something...

anyway, thank you very much for this game!