Reviews for "Collect"

47 generations later...
The 5th level is the hardest, stole me 25-35 generations...
Really nice game!

Nice walktrought here
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5HPtu GP17g

A deceptively complex game built around a remarkably simple concept, and thoroughly enjoyable to boot!
I'll be honest, when I started playing, I didn't give much thought to the paths I was taking, but after 10 or so generations, it started to click how there were clearly more optimal paths around for each level that would simplify the route and better prepare for each subsequent level. I must admit I really appreciated the persistent paths, and I particularly liked how as you get up beyond 30 generations, how the noise in the paths starts impacting the accuracy of your shots, as it becomes harder to recognise the true path, especially when you start missing more and more.

Managed to finish in 44 generations in my first play through, and in 13 in my second, though I could've got it in less had I not fudged a couple of shots near the end and not overspent on bounces.

Overall, a really fun game that made me think about things more than I initially though I'd have to. Well worth the time spent!


I quite enjoyed it but may I ask. What is the name of the song? I've heard it a lot in flash games.